5 Steps to Enhance Your Career

It’s been said that your house is the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. That’s not true. Your career, by far, offers the potential for greater rewards monetarily, as well as in personal fulfillment. Here are 5 steps to enhance your career success.

  • Think strategically It’s essential that you assess your organization’s resources, goals and plans for the future and align your leadership strategies accordingly. A leader with true executive presence can assess his or her company’s business model and growth strategy, as well as the capabilities of its people and processes, and use this information to out-think the competition.
  • Communicate from a financial framework The higher you advance, the more bottom-line, financial responsibilities you’ll assume. It’s imperative you know how to communicate accomplishments in terms of specific, measurable results. This will clearly demonstrate your value and enhance your credibility. Effective financial communication will help you gain more resources, receive the appropriate financial backing, acquire the desired head-count and secure the necessary buy-in so your projects can be successful.
  • Reflect well on others Be sure your work reflects well on those around you. Each decision you make, how you represent yourself at meetings, and your overall productivity should make a positive impression. Your actions should say you are a leader who takes initiative, has self-confidence and can handle the responsibility required to do top-notch work.
  • Look for opportunities where others aren’t looking Let others pick the low hanging fruit. To notice and identify unique or unknown opportunities, think differently from your peers. Liberate yourself from the confines of your current way of thinking and be creative and unconventional. Approach each situation with a completely different perspective. Business leaders seek opportunities where others aren’t looking.
  • Develop your presentation and speaking skills Many business people fear public speaking, but it is vital for success and career advancement. If you want to be influential and have your ideas heard and understood, you must know how to publicly present them. There are many benefits of becoming an effective speaker, including the ability to lift others morale, gain large-group consensus, increase your visibility and accomplish more with the assistance of others.



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