6 Steps for New Job Success

You’ve finally landed that dream job and you’re feeling terrific, right? Well, maybe not so much. Starting a new job can lead to all kinds of stress and anxiety. Will your new co-workers like you? Will you like them? Did you oversell yourself? Will you be able to do what you said you could do? You need a plan. If you go to work on Day One with a specific strategy in mind, you will greatly improve your chances of success.

See this job as an opportunity. Design a professional brand for yourself and then “act as if” you are that brand. Decide how you want your co-workers to see you. Words like positive, proactive, and creative come to mind. Your self-confidence will grow as you settle into the new environment. Treat this experience as a great adventure. Here are the 6 Steps for New Job Success.

  1. Build credibility with your bossSet-up meetings with your boss to establish a clear understanding of expectations so both of you are on the same page. Meet those expectations and make sure you prove your value and worth early. You want your boss to feel good about hiring you. Remember, one of your first points of focus is to make your boss’s job easier. This is one of the most important of the 6 steps for new job success
  2. Focus on your boss’s most important priorities. By understanding what is most important to your boss, you can prioritize your work to accomplish that first. Your boss will gain immediate confidence in your work and be excited by the future possibilities.
  3. Identify early wins that can be easily accomplished. When you gain an early win, you help establish a positive perception of yourself. You also show your peers, your boss and senior management that you were a terrific hire and will help make your group and the organization succeed.
  4. Learn about office politics. Too often people join a company and are bombarded by the politics. Don’t get enmeshed in office politics; however, try to glean as much as you can so you aren’t negatively affected. Once you have a clear understanding of the culture and politics of the company, you can choose how best to navigate them.
  5. Be prepared. Since there are usually several days or weeks between when you accept the job offer and show up at work, use this time productively. Become more familiar with the company and its organizational structure. Identify influential people in the firm so you can work toward establishing relationships with them early.
  6. Proactively manage perceptions. Spend some time in advance determining how you want to be perceived by others in your new workplace. For example, complete these two sentences: “I want my new boss to perceive me as _______, ______, ________, _______ and ________.” “I want my new coworkers to perceive me as ______, ________, _______, _______ and _______.” Then, after each day during your first week on the job, make a self-evaluation to see how well you are measuring up to these goals.

By implementing the above 6 steps for new job success, you will be establishing yourself as a productive and valuable employee.



Photo courtesy of pixabay
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