7 Proven Ways to Get Ahead at Work

You may be busting your butt at work and wondering why you keep getting passed over for promotions. The sad reality is, in today’s increasingly competitive job market, hard work just isn’t enough to impress the higher ups in the corporate world these days.

Whether you want more job recognition, a bigger paycheck or an impressive title, getting ahead at work can seem like a daunting challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Advancing your career to the next level is possible with these seven proven ways to get ahead at work.

1. Be Confident

Being confident may seem easier said than done, but it is vital to any leadership role. Confidence can be learned and cultivated over time. Little things like sitting up straight and standing with good posture, dressing more professionally and focusing on things you’re good at can help develop confidence.

2. Be Your Own Advocate

Getting ahead in any career requires us to be our own promoter. Your boss can’t read your mind. You have to make it known that you want more responsibilities or have something to offer your company that no one else does.

3. Take on Projects

Taking on projects is a great way to show you have initiative and won’t shirk responsibility. Successful projects are one of the best ways to get yourself on your boss’s radar. Take on projects whenever possible and even suggest projects to showcase your talents and prove you’re an asset.

4. Learn From Constructive Criticism and Feedback

It’s pretty typical to get upset over criticism, but successful people are able to accept and learn from constructive criticism. When bosses give constructive criticism or feedback they are basically handing you a gift by letting you know what they would like to see. Use constructive criticism and feedback to your advantage to give your boss what he or she is looking for.

5. Keep a Good Attitude

Maintaining a good attitude is important to getting ahead. Attitude can be contagious and a good leader needs to set an example by keeping a good attitude. And it only makes sense. Genuine, upbeat people are enjoyable to be around and are seen as more likeable. Employers promote people they like and see as a positive asset to the company. Attitude is just one way to earn favor with your boss.

6. Set Goals

Setting goals is a helpful way to push yourself, gain confidence and demonstrate your worth to your company. Meet with your boss to discuss what role you would like to see yourself in and ask what steps or points of development are needed for you to advance. This can help you set up a series of personalized goals to reach the ultimate goal of getting ahead.

7. Stay on Top of Things

Though hard work alone won’t land you that promotion, it is important. Stay on top of your job duties so your boss never has to harp on you about finishing projects or meeting deadlines. Working hard and keeping on top of things will show your boss that you are responsible and can be trusted to take on bigger, more important matters.

The job world is competitive but armed with these tips, you can set yourself apart from the crowd and get the promotion you’ve been dreaming of. Now go get ’em!



Photo courtesy of pixabay
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