The Wow Factor That Helps Your CV to Stand Out

Companies receive countless CV’s for their open positions. Often candidates wonder how they can build a CV to stand out more and impress the potential interviewer.

The goal is to wow your interviewer before they even contact you directly by phone and email. How exactly does one do that? Candidates must write an exceptional and professional CV. This is the first impression you make and you must put your best foot forward.

How to ensure your CV gives a powerful impression and has that wow factor:

Think Readability

In today’s world, we scan and move on pretty quickly when reading an email or news article. The same applies to CV’s. Make sure yours is easy to read. You will get sized up quickly and if you don’t have whitespace, clear headings, and bullets, then you may not get a very long look.

In order to write an amazing CV, you have to strongly consider the readability. Use spellcheck and proofread through your CV several times before sending it to anyone. Be sure that you have spaced it out well so that it’s easy to scan at a glance.

Utilize headings and clean font. Nip all things cute such as colour, italics, and underlining for emphasis. Keep your CV simple and readable in order to wow someone looking through a stack of CV’s. Remember: You have to write a CV to stand out, but make sure it is for the right reasons.

Be Human

When writing your CV to stand out, try to share a little about yourself that shows there is a real person who is behind this. Don’t shy away from being somewhat transparent. Explain a little about your hobbies and interests. An interviewer can gain insight about you easily by understanding what you enjoy and how you spend your time.

Also, use phrasing that is catchy so that your personality will shine through. You can remain professional and be personable at the same time. Your CV should encompass both in order for it to stand out.

Clear and to the Point

Job seekers should make their CV clear, concise, and to the point. There is no need in writing words just to fill up space on the page. You need to only write a thorough explanation of your work history, education, interests and contact info.  Also, remember to embrace a clean and organized format for your CV.

Showcase Your Uniqueness

In order to stand out amongst other applicants, you must find ways to show a company what makes you unique and stand out from other applicants. Ask your family and friends what they see in you that is different, helpful, and particularly interesting. You may be surprised by what you hear. Take that information, coupled with your own thoughts, and incorporate some of those things into your CV to stand out.

This mindset goes back to showing the interviewer that you are human. Be sure to share a crazy stat about you like you enjoy sky diving on the weekends or are able to drink your weight in coffee by 8 AM, implying that you are up for any task and an early bird. Share what is interesting and adds a fun yet professional spin to it. Get creative and be unique. Leave them with some sort of memory of you without having even met you.

Memorable First Impression

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Your goal is to be memorable in a good way. Take all these suggestions and write a dynamic CV that is sure to be noted and picked up repeatedly for consideration.

Some CVs are memorable because they did everything wrong and look like a disaster. Yours should be so enticing that the company can’t wait to dial your number. A well-written CV is one that catches someone’s eye immediately in the stack. If it looks complete, neat, and starts off with an interesting and unique personal statement, then you could hook someone’s attention quickly.

Your CV needs to have that “wow factor” if you want it to stand out. The competition may seem overwhelming, but you can hack through that with a stellar CV. Don’t underestimate the importance of that first impression. Get noticed and you’ll seal the deal for an upcoming interview.



Photo courtesy of pexels
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