Careeba is a technology company based in central London. We are an early stage start-up on a high growth trajectory. We are passionate about people and career development: That’s our DNA and what our company is all about.


Careeba helps you develop your career. That’s our promise to our users, partners and our staff.


What we do:

Careeba is an online career development platform. We help talented professionals get ahead with free career knowledge and make connections with leading institutions, great companies and personal career coaches.


Why work for us?

We encourage and support talents to reach their full potential. We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve something great if he or she has the desire to do so and is being supported by the right people in the right environment. That’s why we are very selective in our recruitment process, because we want to ensure the right fit. However, once here, Careeba team members discover extraordinary freedom and plenty of opportunities – to explore, discover, innovate and challenge themselves.

One of the things that you are very likely to discover early in the process is the fact that nothing is set in stone at Careeba. We know that everything can be challenged and should be challenged. Without a challenge, progress is hard to achieve. That’s the main reason why you shouldn’t expect things like massive corporate manuals, guidebooks or other creativity-blocking procedures. Instead you can expect a creative environment with lots of flexibility. We are focused on results and not on unnecessary baggage. That’s why we offer everyone the option to work part/full-time and choose to work from our central London office or from home. We don’t know what it looks at your place, but here are some pictures from our office to give you a first impression.


What are we looking for?

The answer is simple. We look for four basic things:

  1. Quality (be very good at your job)
  2. Integrity (trustworthiness).
  3. Ambition: (We like self starters)
  4. Humor: What would life be without the occasional laugh?

If you have these four qualities than waste no time and get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

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