Three Ways to Get Noticed as a Future Millennial Leader

So you’ve had your sights set on a leadership position for quite a while, and you feel like you are ready to take the leap into management, but there is only one problem. Your boss does not view you as a “leader” and when you approach him or her about the topic of promotion, you get the same response of “You just don’t have the experience and you are too young”. Does this sound like a familiar statement?

Many young professionals are challenged with the reality that their managers are hesitant to promote them into leadership positions and often become frustrated and discouraged. If you find yourself in a situation like this, rest assured that there are things you can do to get yourself on the path to management and show your credibility, all while gaining valuable experience.

To become a leader in any organization, you will need to be seen as someone that others can trust and feel comfortable turning to in times of need. If you truly want to become a great leader, you will need to demonstrate the qualities of a great leader. This means becoming an influential coach, a decision-maker, and leader both inside and outside of the office along with many other qualities. To develop your leadership skills before you have the title, here are a few things you can do that will set you apart from the crowd:

Offer to Coach a Co-Worker

Coaching employees is an integral part of management. As the leader, you will be the one that your people look to for guidance in times of need. Why not start practicing this skill now? Keep your ears open for those who might be in need of assistance and offer to help them complete a task, project, or other major assignment. You might be surprised at how appreciative others are of the time you are generously offering to help them.

Speak Up

As a future millennial leader, you will be responsible for making decisions and holding firm to your stance. This can be a challenge for some, as they are afraid of hurting other people’s feelings or saying the wrong thing. When present in a group discussion, make it a habit of speaking up and standing firm in what you believe in a respectful manner. This might take some courage at first, but others will view you as a thought leader and respect you for having a clear opinion.

Be a Leader Outside the Office

Another great way to develop your leadership skills is to take on positions outside of your normal work environment that enable you to develop effective management strategies. An easy place to start is your alma mater and alumni groups. Universities are always looking for alumni to return as advisors and serve on leadership committees and advisory councils. Get connected with your alumni association to see what opportunities are available. You will find that leading as a part of a group is an effective way to build your skill set as a future leader.



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