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Gone are the days when your father’s profession dictated what it was that you would grow up to do. People are now open to a wider range of jobs than ever before, which means the opportunity to work in the field of your dreams is ever more possible. But when it comes to actually getting that dream career, many fall short because of some missed opportunity, or to put it otherwise, simply because someone who did take those opportunities is more appropriate for the role. So to help you achieve your visions of your own future, here are some ways to avoid being second best.

Understandably, the best place to start any dream career is your education. Some educational pathways simply do entail a vocational career, and by the time you reach your A-Levels and degree what you are studying does start to narrow your field. Whilst this is all well and good for those who have it together from such an early age as sixteen, many young people have little idea what it is they will aspire to do in the years to come when they are making those important educational decisions, but this doesn’t mean they should fear they are setting their futures for good. Education is not the end of the line.

For most, the first time we must seriously consider our future employment is when we have to choose our A-levels, and most have absolutely no idea what they want to do. But then again, who expects a teen to know what they want the rest of their life to be?

For those of us who didn’t, the best thing I can suggest is this: don’t diversify until you have to. Many make the mistake of picking very similar qualifications which close doors later down the line. If you have no idea what to do at any point in your educational career, try keep as many doors open as possible. Spread yourself across the different subject areas – the arts, the humanities, the sciences – but, always, pick what you are interested in.

It also helps that many university degrees nowadays do not specify a particular career post-graduation, and those that do have transferrable skills that allow you to switch paths if you find you’re not enjoying your job. A lot of skills gained at degree level don’t depend on what your subject is, and many subjects now prepare you with the requisite skills to go into pretty much any industry.

If you feel you did diversify too young, you feel as if didn’t pick the right degree for your dream career – have no fear! It is very easy to re-train swiftly and effectively and have all the experience of a different field to bring to your new job. To aid this, if you know for certain what you want to do for the rest of your working life, try gaining as much and as varied experience in the field as possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s exactly the end job you want to be in, any experience is good experience. It shows any prospective employer you are willing to work hard, it shows you are committed and it shows you have a working understanding of the industry.

So the best way to get to your dream career is to make your education or your experience work for you, regardless of any setbacks you may have had, as well as showing you are dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic about the career you want. And that’s what Careeba is all about: lifelong learning and keeping all your options open.



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