Live The Adventure And Go Globetrotting

When a person takes a break from work to go globetrotting around the world it can sometimes appear as a major faux pas. We assume that he or she is going through a mid-life crisis, searching for some kind of direction which is currently lacking in his or her life. We can’t seem to comprehend the idea of travelling as being a positive venture.

It’s a massive shame since travelling has numerous benefits. Whether it’s meeting new people or unlocking new adventures, exploring the world can offer up invaluable advantages including many which can be applied to the work place. Here are five benefits of globetrotting:

Globetrotting opens your mind

When you explore new countries you’re guaranteed to become more cultured. With the world at your fingertips you have access to new ways of living, thinking and breathing. The numerous cultures flashing before your eyes will affect you positively in more ways than one. They’ll challenge you to think in new ways, teach you to adapt to the people around you and allow you to collaborate and discuss with those who see the world from a different point of view.

In a professional environment where employees are challenged to work in teams, compromise on decisions and collaborate with those who may have a different vision, the ability to ‘open up your mind’, which travelling offers, is essential to coping with such demands of the working world.

You can learn new languages

Whether you pick up a few useful phrases to get by or become fluent in a new language, people appreciate efforts to pick up a new language and converse with native speakers. The common complacency of getting by with English should no longer be applicable. As the world opens up more and more we’re privileged to be able to learn new languages. This provides numerous opportunities of working and travelling abroad, for instance. Employers are searching for those with new language skills and what better way to build on them than to immerse yourself in the respective countries?

Travelling gives you the best chance of improving your language skills and using them in authentic situations, building on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation along the way. Immersion really is the best way to achieve linguistic success!

Your communication skills hit the roof

It seems a pretty obvious yet important thing to mention but travelling makes you an expert at communication. Having to speak to an array of people with different personalities and views will help you to become versatile and flexible in the workplace. You’ll learn to face the challenges of language barriers, eliciting information and negotiating, all extremely useful in your life. Gradually you’ll become more confident and clearer when expressing opinions and discussions will no longer feel like climbing Mount Everest.

You become resilient

If you’re globetrotting alone, especially, the chance to visit new sites and seas will change you as a person. You’ll come across highs and lows, important challenges along the road which will allow you to become independent, brave and confident. Navigating yourself around the world can be tricky at times but when you’ve faced booking flights, organising accommodation and coping with the challenges of being in new, unknown places, at the end of it you become a superhero, being able to deal with anything that comes your way.

The pursuit of happiness

As the great Michael Palin once said, ‘Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life.’ Travelling truly brings happiness; it eases the mind, it reminds you to appreciate the world and what you’ve temporarily left behind. A healthy mind, full of a rich abundance of worldly experiences encourages a healthy mind in your social and professional life.

The new memories that you have in your repertoire are sure to leave you curious, creative and more fulfilled. The chances are that the numerous stories- historical, cultural and perhaps even gastronomical! – that you come across have influenced your life in a positive way: encouraging creativity, innovation and fearlessness.

Globetrotting is extremely underestimated when it comes to providing life lessons. Let’s bust this myth and appreciate the beauty of exploring new places and as a result becoming better and happier versions of ourselves.



Photo courtesy of pixabay
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