Why A Healthy Body is Crucial For A Successful Career

We’ve all been there. We have all gone out and bought that brand-new pair of trainers, or those running shorts, or that tennis racket, with every intention of becoming one of those people with a healthy body that go for a run in the morning, or play games of tennis in the park at the weekends, only to watch them collect dust in the darker recesses of our cupboards. Getting exercise is something that many of us feel we should do, but never quite get round to, either through a perceived lack of time in the day, or simply a lack of self-motivation. But a great many successful people manage to find at least thirty minutes every day for exercise.

Exercise is all about motivation and discipline, so it is little wonder why successful individuals are capable of committing to it so consistently. Maintaining a healthy body might sometimes seem difficult, time consuming and energy-expending, but committing to it not only builds up your powers of self-discipline, which will help you become more successful in other parts of your daily life, there are many benefits to exercise that improve you as a person and enhance your ability to do more.

First and foremost, exercise has been known to reduce anxiety and depression. A lot of the time, the only thing holding you back is yourself; especially in high-stress, high-stakes roles that many successful people occupy, anxiety and depression can creep in and have a serious effect on your work and work ethic, limiting your ability to be a productive person, as well as possibly leading to prolonged mental health problems. Managing these things through exercise, as well as other ways of de-stressing, can make your job more manageable, and make you happier in it. To this end, a healthy body has been known to boost self-esteem and confidence. For those that try hard to succeed, they are going to come up against great struggle and opposition, which can be disheartening, but having a great deal of self-confidence can get you through this. Equally, confidence is always helpful in a work setting, whether it be to help you make that presentation, deal with clients or network with colleagues.

Exercise has also been known to stimulate endorphins, which promote happiness. Getting exercise can make you a happier person. Not only might this help prevent that anxiety that may come from your work, but it will make your feel more successful as a person, as your outlook will be more positive. We all want to be happier people, and getting exercise can be a massive source of that happiness.

Other health benefits speak for themselves: regular exercise can increase immunity, meaning you are less likely to be plighted with illness, meaning not only can you be more reliable as a worker and more productive for longer, you do not have to take weeks off to rest and recuperate where you are doing nothing to further your goals and make a success of yourself. Successful individuals want to be in peak physical condition for as long as possible, purely so they can work on achieving their dreams. Aerobic exercise specifically, as well, has been linked to memory retention, meaning you can remember more things for longer, allowing you to continue to be successful even into an older age. Successful people not only want to be very knowledgeable – through extensive reading – they also want to retain this knowledge for as long as possible.

Most importantly, though, getting exercise keeps you in shape. I know it seems the most obvious gain to be had from exercise – one which many people seek through exercising – but many of us now live very sedentary lifestyles, spending most of the day sat at a desk working, so exercise is a vital part of keeping a good healthy body.

This all may be well and good, but actually getting to exercise in a consistent way seems a distant dream for many, especially those of us who work a steady job Monday to Friday. With such busy schedules, carving out even just half an hour a day to exercise seems impossible.

Primarily, having a workable routine will help loosen up some time in the day for things such as exercise, which is something we will cover in the next article. If you give over a block of time in your diary for exercise, and you make your agenda such that you can keep to it, you will have no reason not to exercise. But, if you have a daily routine but it is still too packed to give over allotted time to exercise, there are other ways to find the time in the day to work out.

A trend amongst professionals at the moment is to use breaks during the working day to do short workouts that can be done in the office, or using equipment commonly found in an office space. If you have a decent lunch break every day, perhaps give over some of that to exercise; work up an appetite then have your lunch. You’ll notice the difference as you strive for a healthy body very quickly.

Alternatively, many people use public transport to commute, or drive to work, all of which involves a certain amount of staying stationary. Many offices now come with shower units, so instead of taking the car or train to work, consider cycling, running or walking there, then showering and getting changed into your work clothes.

Whilst you may have a packed working week, where exercise time may be harder to come by, at the weekends we tend to be freed up. Think about waking up slightly earlier on Saturday and Sunday to go for a run in the park, go for a nice long walk, or join a sports club that runs on the weekends, such as Sunday-league football.

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