How to Make Your Resume More Modern

Times are changing in the employment world and resumes are changing with it. With this in mind, what is the best way to make your resume modern? Here, I have some quick tips to help you modernize your resume.


It’s All About the Content

Having a beautiful resume is great but don’t forget the content since it’s the most important part of your resume. So first get it together, nail your content and then, look into different formats and designs.


Be Clear and Concise

Employees aren’t looking for essays, they want a one page, easy to read document from which they can find important information fast. Lets face it recruiters are busy and have no time for BS. So, keep your resume simple, utilize bullet points and lists, and clearly separate your sections by using headings. Resume templates will make the styling of your resume easy, everything is set ready for you, just insert your text.


Use Keywords

Keywords are now an important part of your resume because companies use them to filter all their applicants. If you don’t use any keywords in your resume, you will lose out without even being looked at properly. In your ‘Skills’ section of your resume, you should look to include some keywords that the hiring company has used in the job description. This way, your application will be highlighted above all others.



Another important point that often confuses people and causes great debate is the length of your resume; what is the correct length? It depends on what role you are applying for. For example, for an entry- or mid-level role one page is all you need but if you are going for a higher position then two pages is preferred.


Use Common Fonts

There are ton of fonts out there, free and paid. However, when it comes to your resume, keep it simple. There is a time and place for the fancy fonts but your resume is not the place to get fancy. Stick with the common yet boring system fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri; this will be easy for Applicant Tracking System to read too.



The real estate in your resume is limited and to get the most out of it you will need to trim off the excess. Start by removing the references and objective as these are a bit outdated. ‘Career summary’ and ‘areas of expertise’ are put in instead. Career summaries are a short paragraph (about 2-4 lines). In the career summary share your abilities, knowledge and tell how you will help the company achieve their goals. In the areas of expertise section, include keywords so you will be picked up by Applicant Teaching System.


With the suggested length in mind, you should also include the vitals like previous experience and education as these are completely necessary. Finally, a small credentials section can show off your training and qualifications.



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