Land Your Dream Job Using Instagram

Chances are you’re already one of the 700 million people that use Instagram monthly. But, are you using your account to its full potential? Increasingly, employers are using social media platforms such as Instagram, as well as traditional job sites like LinkedIn, for recruitment. To ensure you don’t miss out, follow this step by step guide to learn how you can use Instagram to land your dream job.

Create a separate ‘professional’ Instagram account

Despite what you may think, employers aren’t necessarily interested in how many likes your latest selfie racked up. But, Instagram’s ‘Multiple Account’ feature means you can keep your selfies as well as cultivating a more business friendly image. Using the ‘Multiple Account’ feature you can add up to five accounts to your main account without having to log in and out of the app. Simply go to your profile and tap options on the top right of the screen. Scroll down to ‘Add Account’ and enter a username and password of the account you’d like to add. Give your new account a more professional sounding name. Keep it simple with just, ‘yourname’, or advertise your skills with ‘yournameportfolio’. To switch between your new account and your main ‘personal’ account, go to your profile, tap your name at the top of the screen and then tap the name of the account you’d like to switch to.

Cultivate the right image

Now you have a professional name for your new account it’s time to add some professional looking content. Impress employers by using your Instagram feed to showcase your interest in your desired career. Select high quality images that show your previous work or the personal projects you’ve undertaken, the people you have met at industry events and the latest articles or news in your target industry. For example, say you were looking for your dream job in the tech industry, you might use your Instagram feed to document you learning a new coding language, attending a recent tech event or an article you’ve read on the latest news in tech. Remember to add relevant tags to your images so employers can find them using Instagram’s ‘Explore’ function. Also, don’t forget to include images that show your interests outside of work, such as volunteering, sports or any other hobbies. This helps employers get to know you and whether you’d be a right fit for their company without even having to meet you.

Follow prospective employers

Now your new professional account is up and running, write a list of the companies you’d like to work for as part of your dream job and follow their Instagram accounts. This will ensure you are kept up to date on all their latest opportunities, including opportunities that won’t necessarily be posted on more traditional careers sites such as LinkedIn. Following a company’s Instagram account also enables you to get a feel for the company and what it is like to work there.  You can also search for the Instagram accounts of company employees that work in the department you’d like to work in. Use their Instagram feeds to gain a better understanding of what working at that company is like day-to-day.

You can then use this knowledge to stand out when reaching out to employers and in interviews when you are asked, ‘Why you want to work for this company?’. You can now answer this often difficult question in a unique way that is highly relevant to that specific company. Such as, ‘I really like your company’s work environment, it’s great that you get together every week for an office lunch!’. This sounds infinitely more impressive than the usual generic responses recruiters often hear and standing out is key if you want to land that dream job.

Utilise Instagram’s ‘Explore’ feature

The ‘Explore’ feature allows anyone, including employers, to search for a specific username or ‘tags’. However, you can also use this feature to your advantage. Search keywords, for example, ‘tech’ followed by ‘jobs’, ‘opportunities’ or ‘internships’. Then, scroll through the results. You may be surprised to find opportunities you may not have come across before or smaller companies you hadn’t previously heard of that are hiring. Instagram also suggests similar search items to further widen your search. You can also now use Instagram’s ‘Collections’ feature to save your searches. Simply click on the bookmark image on your profile. This will take you to your ‘saved’ page. From here you can create multiple ‘collections’ of saved images that you can return to at a later date.

Connect on Instagram 

Put the ‘social’ into ‘social media’ by commenting and liking on the posts of the employers that you follow. An engaging question or response to their post will make employers more likely to check out your account. By noting the hashtags that the companies you follow use and using them yourself, you can also increase the chance of them noticing your account. If you use other social media platforms, make sure to link them to your Instagram account. You can then share your Instagram posts across all your platforms, maximising their impact and your success landing your dream job.



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