How To Make Your CV More Interesting

There are countless boring CVs out there. Don’t let yours fall into that category. In order to stand out and make your CV more interesting, you’ll want to add a little sparkle to your CV. Be sure you put the basics in but still add a few interesting spins to spice yours up a bit.


Don’t Forget the Basics

Your CV needs to be thorough and represent you well. In order for that to happen, you’ll want to start with the basics. An interviewer becomes disinterested fast if there is a lack of necessary information. You want to get noticed but not for the wrong reasons.

Include the following in your CV:

  • Your name and current contact information
  • A personal statement
  • Skills that you want them to know about
  • Education and applicable certificates
  • Work History
  • Hobbies and interests

While you want to include the basics, you can do it in a fresh, attention grabbing way. Use strong words such as innovation, designed, achievement, supervised, managed and the like in order to describe yourself and your accomplishments.


Make Your CV More Interesting With A Dynamic Personal Statement

The personal statement that starts off your CV should be strong, clear, well written and concise. Stand out by writing an intro that will have your interviewer reaching for their phone to contact you.

The information in this section should tell them what you can do for them. Wow them by explaining how your skills are what they need to get this job done. Be confident and own your abilities in a way that gives them what they want most.

Utilize dynamic, strong words that will reveal your greatest strengths. Your communication and writing skills should shine through in a way that helps you secure an interview.


Showcase Your Communication Skills

In order to stand out, you should showcase your strong communication skills. You can do this by showing that you have networked through your education, volunteering opportunities, and past employment positions.

Be sure to make your networking seem obvious so your interviewer will see that you are skilled in building relationships with others. Share your interests and hobbies in a way that explains how you choose to get to know people and spend time with them in and outside the workplace.

Communication is key and your CV should showcase your strong verbal and written communication skills in a way that will impress your interviewer.


Make Your CV More Interesting Through Customisation

While looking for a new job, you should create several versions of your CV including varying personal statements. The goal should be to customize what you submit to each position you apply for. In other words, CV variety is essential.

Your interviewer should feel like you are the right candidate for the job based on how you display your skillsets. Make your CV more interesting and appealing by adding bullets of details that coincide with the job description. You will not only look prepared but create a more interesting CV in the process.


Be a Little Daring

In order to get noticed, you may want to spice up your CV. Let your personality and even a little humor shine through if it seems appropriate. A little dose of out of the ordinary, catchy and clever can hit the spot. Notice that cliché is not in that list. You don’t want to overuse cliché phrasing but you do want to seem a little edgy and clever.

Don’t be afraid to stand out and let your disposition come to light. Interviewers want to hire someone that is personable rather than stiff.

Boring CVs won’t get attention, let alone a scheduled interview. Create interest with yours by adding snappy wording and a little personality. Make your CV showcase what you can do for the company which will create enticement to contact you and get you in the office for an in-person interview.



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