An MBA is a challenge guaranteed

Some people would argue that the most important criteria for choosing an MBA programme is the diversity of the people with which you will be spending the next two years. Others would recommend you look at the location of the school and its networking possibilities. Others are advised to consider business school rankings as a priority. I considered both.

Take an 80-student cohort at London Business School, for example. No matter what you are looking for and where you want to find a job afterwards, it is likely one of your classmates has already done it. And should you want to explore further afield, you can still complete an international exchange at one of LBS’s 30 top partner schools worldwide.

Student-led clubs also organise outstanding events, summits, conferences and treks all over the world.

In less than a month I have been to a surf trek in Portugal, attended a global energy summit organised by the Energy club, and have taken part in Diwali celebrations, organised by the India club. Had I not been preparing the 2017 French Trek, I could have taken part in career-oriented treks to Hong Kong, New-York or Singapore. This is only a small sample of what has been happening at LBS.

Among other events, EurOUT, an LGBT conference organised at LBS at the end of November by the Out In Business club, gathered exceptional speakers such as Luxembourg’s prime minister.

In the coming months, the LBS Tattoo, a multicultural carnival, will celebrate diversity. Not to mention year-long events such as the ManBassador initiative led by the Women In Business club, which regularly engages both men and women in proactive discussion about gender differences through distinguished events and conferences.

It has only been a few months since my classmates and I started the MBA programme. But every day we confront each other’s ideas, and we realise that our way is just one among many. Our vision is expanding at least as much as our skill set. But more is yet to come – I dare not imagine how transformative this experience will be.


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