The Do’s and Don’ts Of Office Life

Working in an office can be tricky. When you have a group of people stuck together for 8 hours+ each day tensions can run high, some people become overly competitive, and the whole environment of office life can end up becoming strained.

The work place should be an inclusive, supportive and calm environment where people can work together in harmony. You can’t change the vibe of your office life, but you can influence it and, most importantly, you can make sure that you’re not the part of the problem.

Do Turn Up On Time

No one is going to be annoyed if you have a legitimate reason for being late once in a while, but you don’t want to be the guy whose constantly late and still leaves work at the same time as everyone else.

Make an effort to be on time, leave early if you have to, and if you’re still late talk to someone about adjusting your shift.

Don’t Take Long Breaks

Everyone deserves a time-out if they’re stressed, but you can’t leave your colleagues to fend for themselves at the busiest time of the day.  Try to make sure that your breaks are the same length as your co-workers, and take your breaks at quieter times of the day when you’re not needed as much.

It’s not really fair for you to spend less time working but still walk home with the same pay check. Do your fair share of the work.

Don’t Be A Suck Up

You should do your best to get along with management and show that you are a capable and reliable employee, but don’t over-do it. You should build relationships on mutual respect and trust, not on empty flattery and brown-nosing.

The best way to impress your manager is to do a good job, get on with your co-workers and show that you are willing and able to do extra tasks if needed. You know you’re impressive, so let them see that by themselves. Don’t force it because it probably won’t come across the way you want it to.

Do Your Work Promptly

Busy days in the office can be a hectic and stressful affair. It’s easy to forget about certain tasks or forget to call someone back when you’ve got loads of things to do, but this is why you need to either do each task as soon as you get it or, if you are multi-tasking, make a list of the things you need to do so you don’t miss anything out.

Anyone whose worked in an office knows that lazy days are also common and it may be tempting to just spin around in your chair and look at cat memes all day, but you should still make sure that you finish all your work before you relax. You’ll have to do it sometime, so why not do it now?

Do Be Friendly, But Don’t Be Creepy

No one wants to work in a bad atmosphere. Office life is better when people get along, so make an effort to be friendly, take an interest in your co-workers, and try attending social work events so you can bond in a different setting.

You should make an effort to be friendly, but don’t over-do it. It’s fine to ask your co-workers about their plans, but don’t expect them to invite you over to their house if you barely know them. It’s fine to talk about your weekend, but don’t talk their ear off for an hour whilst they politely try to escape.

Do Your Best

It can take time to get used to a new job and no one is expecting you to be perfect. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help if you need to (it’s often better than messing something up) or asking a colleague to check something if you’re unsure.

It is important, however, that you pull your own weight and you don’t start expecting your colleagues to do your work for you. It may sound obvious, but the things that would annoy you are also going to annoy your colleagues. Don’t do something that would aggravate you if someone else did it.

Stick to these simple do’s and don’ts and you’ll be finding office life a breeze in no time.



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