Burger Restaurants, Fashion & Co – Surprising Career Changes of 6 Celebrities

In the earlier days, it was expected that you found a career and stuck with it for the rest of your life. But the times are changing, and job hopping is more popular than ever. Studies have suggested that an average millennial undergoes 4 job changes before reaching the age of 32. I am sure that you all know of people who have had a few surprising career changes in their life.

But career changes aren’t just for the young – here are some familiar faces who have made the leap and gone on to succeed and thrive in their new industries.


Kanye West

‘Yeezy’ has become synonymous with both the American rap sensation and the highly sought-after sneakers made under his name. The relationship between the music and fashion industries has always been somewhat close, but is more and more mixed now than ever: it seems like every music star has some sort of fashion collaboration in the works. Kanye’s first fashion collection debuted in 2011 under the name ‘DW Kanye West’ to highly negative reviews. Six years later in 2017, his rebranded label ‘Yeezy’ come out with its 5th season to critical praise, and his ‘Yeezy’ sneaker collection with Adidas has proven to be a financial boon for the sportswear brand.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Before becoming woman-at-the-helm of her lifestyle brand GOOP, actress Gwyneth Paltrow was a familiar face in some of Hollywood’s most beloved films. She was the chic Margot Tenenbaum in Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums; the mysterious Estella Havisham in Alfonso Cuarón’s adaptation of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations, and more recently, the trusty Pepper Potts in Marvel’s Iron Man franchise. Paltrow founded GOOP in 2008 as a weekly lifestyle newsletter; today, it has over 1 million subscribers who keep up with the latest discoveries in cuisine, travel, fitness, and shopping. Beyond the weekly newsletter, GOOP has expanded into an online shop with exclusive products, developed its a skin care line, and hosted pop-up shops in cities across America.


Brad Pitt

A little-known fact about America’s heartthrob Brad Pitt involves his love of architecture and design. ‘Acting is my career’, he’s quoted as saying; ‘architecture is my passion’. Pitt’s foray into architecture and design includes a stint at designing a luxury, socially conscious 800-room hotel in Dubai in 2008; commissioning 13 architecture firms to build more than 100 in hurricane-battered New Orleans for his ‘Make it Right’ charitable foundation, and collaborating with celebrated furniture maker Frank Pollaro to create the boutique Pollaro-Pitt furniture collection. More recently in 2016, Pitt has announced his plan to build a luxury resort in Croatia, off the Adriatic Coast. The proposed project will include a hotel, golf course, shops and restaurants, and is estimated to cost altogether a total of $1.5 billion USD.


Paris Hilton

It might surprise you to discover that the famous heiress and it-girl of the 2000’s, Paris Hilton, now ranks among the highest-paid DJ’s in the world. Hilton’s name was synonymous with controversy in the early 2000’s, and her party-girl antics were regularly splashed all over the tabloid covers. Now, at 36, she seems to have toned down her act. Her album release in 2006, self-titled Paris, seems to have helped the heiress get into music. Since 2012, Hilton has focused on developing her DJ career, and has seen played sets in clubs across Shanghai, Dubai, and Ibiza, reportedly being paid at more than $1 million per night.


Mark Wahlberg

He was known as ‘Marky Mark’ in the 90’s as headliner for ‘Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch’, before transitioning to becoming a serious actor and movie star by the 2000’s. Now, Mark Wahlberg is a burger mogul as the co-owner of the aptly named gourmet burger chain, Wahlburgers. A joint venture between Mark and his brother Donnie, Wahlburgers currently has restaurants across 7 states in North America, with burger joints in New York, Boston, and Detroit, and a chain in Toronto. Business seems to be booming for the Wahlburg(er)s. The company announced its plans for rapid expansion last year, aiming for 118 restaurants to be under the chain’s corporate umbrella over the next seven years.


Photo courtesy of Stocksnap
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