An Unusual Source Of Motivation: Other People’s Successes

What motivation do you have to do well in your career? Are you motivated at all?

There are many ways to answer this question. The most obvious one perhaps is money as it is a big motivator for some people; the comfort of financial security and being able to afford certain things is tempting and can be seen as rewarding for the hard work you put into your job every day. Other people are motivated by a long-term goal: they want to climb up high on the career ladder and are willing to put the most effort into every step of the way until they have reached their desired position.

But have you ever considered taking motivation from other people’s success?

With a rise of the digital age, we are surrounded by successful 20-somethings who have built their own businesses and are their own bosses at an age where most of us are still struggling to get our feet off the ground. Likewise, how many times have you envied a friend who seemingly easily went from school to university to landing their first job and doing well at every single stage?

It can be disheartening if your own plans don’t go as smoothly. Every bump on the road makes you question your journey and potentially triggers an avalanche of comparison. But as easy as it is to get swept away with envy and jealousy at other people’s success, it is always worth remembering how much time and effort they have put into it. Success doesn’t come over night but is the reward for weeks, months and sometimes years of stamina and sacrifices. Most people only share the cherries on top with the world; you only get to see the end result rather than the bumpy road and setbacks that led to it.

Instead of envying people who, at first glance, have everything you wish you had, why not take a slice of their power and apply it to your own projects? Your degree, your job, your hobby – whatever it is you wish to accomplish. Dwelling on how much you wish you had something won’t bring you one step forward, and on top, all your energy will be focussed on producing negative energy.

Instead, remember who you are and take positive motivation from other people and the effort they put into their work will be inspiring. And in return, once you have implemented your inspiration by being proactive, motivated and willing to succeed, it will not only drive yourself forward but it will reflect on to potential employers or clients, thereby increasing your chances of landing the job. “What motivates you?” is one of the most common interview questions and answering it with a genuine and sincere background will always be the way forward.

“Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20” is a very true saying but knowing that everyone, at some point, started at chapter one should not only be comforting but, in fact, motivating, inspiring and encouraging. After all, no matter what the profession, and however different everyone’s career paths look, there will always be something you can take from them and in turn implement it into your own.



Photo courtesy of pixabay

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