7 Things You Should Do Whilst You Are Still Young

7 Things You Should Do Whilst You Are Still Young To Improve Your Life – We can’t all stay young forever, and with age comes a great many benefits as we continue to grow into ourselves, but we don’t want to grow old to regret the things that we may have had the opportunity to do in our formative years but we simply didn’t. So here are seven things you can do whilst you are still young to improve the whole of your life, as well as make sure you don’t grow up to regret not doing the things you are no longer capable of.

1. Treat Your Body Well

It may seem that a young body can be put through pretty much anything and survive, but the way you treat yourself when you are younger has knock-on effects in later life. Having an unhealthy diet at a young age can lead to problems with many vital organs, tooth decay, diabetes and even cancer in later life. Whilst most young people have a fast metabolism when younger, and so can keep a good shape, this slows down over the course of adulthood leading to obesity, high blood pressure and general ill health. To make your later life as active and fruitful as it can be, treat your body well now by eating a healthy diet and taking to regular exercise, although this can be very flexible and unregimented to suit your lifestyle.

2. Get Out There

Even the fittest of us will experience lessened physical ability and motility in later life; it’s an unfortunate fact of nature. So, whilst you are young and you can, get out there and experience all the things you want to. If there are specific experiences you want to have – skydiving, marathon running, bungee jumping – then take the time to have them. If you want to see the world, travel as much as your budget will allow. Lounging by a pool in a hot country can be done when you are retired; if you want to, go backpacking, climb a mountain, go inter-railing. Do the things you want to do whilst you still have the ability to do them.

3. Don’t stay where you don’t want to

Many young people have an amazing work ethic at the moment, perhaps as a result of such a tight job market. But sticking in a job because the money’s good may be a worthy principle when you have the responsibilities that come with age, such as a mortgage and a family, but whilst you are younger you are freer to take more risks and put yourself above others. Strive for jobs that excite you and interest you and you may end up in your dream job by the time your reach a certain age.

4. Take the time to be with family

It’s a harsh reality, but when you are younger you have access to family much more than when you are older. It’s a sad fact, but our parents, aunts, uncles, grandparent won’t be with us for ever, and whilst they may be replaced with a younger family of husbands, wives, sons and daughters, not spending that precious time with them when younger may lead to regret in later life. Spend quality time with those loved ones, so you can remember them as fondly and as fully when they’re gone.

5. Save Money

When you are younger, money may seem to be no object. When we are in education most of us are bankrolled by parents or otherwise, and what money you earn can be ploughed back into you and your interests. But being flagrant with your money when you are younger can lead to regrets down the line. If you have any extra money left over at the end of the month, put it away in savings. By the time you need that money, for a new car or deposit on a house, it’ll be there.

6. Only have good relationships

I’m not saying every relationship you ever have should be a resounding success, but don’t feel you should stay in a relationship just because you think it’s better to be in one rather than being single. When you are young you can afford to have different relationships, so long as they make you happy. Don’t grow up regretting two or three years of your life you spent with someone you had no love between.

7. Take the time to make good friends

A good friend will outlast all else. When we are young we meet lots of people – some will stay with us for the rest of our lives, some will only be there for parts. Recognise those people around you that will stay with you come what may and take the time to be a good friend to them. Rather than being alone when you are older, have the same friends you had at 23 at 93. Start now, whilst you are still young.



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